Autumn is right around the corner, everyone’s favorite time of the year. The leaves change colors and cover your yard with a tint of orange and yellow and red. While you want to be excited for this too, you just can’t. You know that with fall comes a lot more yard work. The leaves may look pretty to most, but all you see is another back ache after a day of clearing them, only to have them fill your yard again the next day. So how are you to survive another year of this mess? Invest in some of these recommended tools to help keep your yard in line without another back ache. Keeping the yard clean will be a breeze and you may actually start to enjoy that crisp, cool air that will be creeping in.

Ergonomic Rake

You might not think it will make a difference, but trading in your cheap Wally World rake for an ergonomic rake will allow you to rake the yard with ease and won’t be so rough on your back and neck. That’s right – no more straining. Raking the leaves will be nearly effortless. These type of rakes are the most efficient requiring the most sweep with the least amount of effort.


Leaf Blower 

A lead blower will eliminate the need for a rake as it will do all of the work for you by blowing the leaves into one single pile. Better yet, a blower vacuum is much handier than even the leaf blower. Why should you do all the work when you can have someone else, or something, do the work for you? The blower vacuum makes cleaning up the leaves almost fun. Not only does it allow you to effortlessly blow all of the leaves into a single pile, the vacuum part will suck up and shred the leaves and small twigs into a bag for you so that you don’t even have to bag it yourself when you are finished.


Pool Vacuum

Your yard isn’t the only thing that the leaves wreak havoc on in the fall. Unfortunately, the leaves and acorns will find your pool as well causing you to perform pool maintenance much more often. If you aren’t quite ready to winterize it yet, make sure you purchase a robotic pool vacuum. I would recommend the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic vacuum for in-ground pools or any of the best above ground pool cleaners if you have an above ground swimming pool.


Riding Lawn Mower
MowerLet’s be real. Push mowers are for our great grandparents. It’s time to upgrade to a riding lawn mower, such as a John Deere, this fall season. Not only does it make it easier for you to mow your yard, it also allows you to haul material and debris. Lawn maintenance is a breeze and it’s actually kind of fun. You will probably find that you dread doing yard work less and actually do it more often. That is likely because it no longer takes you all day to complete the job. With a riding lawn mower, you will cut your time spent on lawn maintenance in half if not more. It’s one of those things that pays for itself in the long run, many times over. It’s not a decision you will regret.

With these handy tools, your life will be a lot less hectic this fall season and you actually might be able to enjoy it along with everyone else. No longer will you spend every waking hour raking leaves. These tools will make doing yard work much more efficient, and you might even find other family members offering to help.