Texting in the past wasn’t really a means of communication as people had not accepted texting as a replacement for picking up the phone and dialing someone. As technology expanded and social tech companies grew, it has blossomed into the most used means of communicating behind email.

If you remember in the past texts could only support a limited number of characters and users had to go through the unfortunate hassle of pressing a number multiple times to just spell out one letter. Even multimedia texts were rare simply because of the data usage and high fees.

Mobile devices have standardized the smartphone and along with that came qwerty keywords and now touch screens. Touch screens did take some getting used to but it allowed users to type at blazing speeds and had the (un)fortunate help through autocorrect spelling.

With the introduction of smartphones and specifically iPhones, users can now send more than just text but also emoji’s which are graphic emoticons commonly seen in instant messaging platforms for regular computers. The app store also has more add-ons to enhance your texting through the use of such apps like the animated emoticons app.

The future of texting looks to be promising and many apps are out there now trying to capitalized on the limited functionality of native texting by creating much more feature rich and user enhanced apps to make sending pics, videos, emoticons, etc, fun again.